Holiday Music: Vote For The Greatest Classic Song Of All Time

12/05/2011 06:35 am 06:35:57

Try as you might to delay the stresses of holiday shopping and planning, the season is upon us, and that means holiday music -- everywhere. In shopping centers, grocery stores and all other establishments with loudspeakers, the month is characterized by the reappearance of Christmas classics. The aisles are filled with the sounds of Sinatra or the Ronettes singing about Santa Claus and Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

But the Holidays are supposed to be a time of peace, love and happiness. And soon those Irving Berlin tunes and their Phil Spector-produced counterparts stop being reminders of errands undone and responsibilities neglected and become a major part of the joy we seek to feel each December. So much so that by New Year's it's almost hard to say goodbye. Let's face it: no matter how many times we hear the holiday classics, they don't get old.

In that spirit, Huff/Post50 decided to compile a list of the 10 holiday songs we look forward to each year. They're the sentimental gems that make us want to cozy up to a fire on a cold winter's night -- let's just say it's hard to pick a favorite. But we wanted to put the question to our readers: which song do you think is the greatest holiday song of all time? Check out our slideshow and vote for your favorite.

Favorite Classic Holiday Songs
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