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Illinois Couples In Civil-Unions To File Joint Income Tax Returns

Illinois Civil Unions

By NOMAAN MERCHANT   11/28/11 09:45 PM ET  AP

CHICAGO -- Couples with civil-union licenses in Illinois will soon be allowed to file joint income tax returns with the state.

Though same-sex couples will still have to file federal tax returns individually, the Illinois Department of Revenue says it will accept joint returns from same-sex couples starting in January.

Monday's announcement comes after Illinois became the seventh state, along with the District of Columbia, to give same-sex couples significant legal protections. Gov. Pat Quinn signed the state's civil union law in January.

Illinois has a flat income tax of 5 percent, so a joint state return won't save couples money. But Equality Illinois CEO Bernard Cherkasov says the new policy is still a good step.

A revenue department spokeswoman says officials are still finalizing how the policy will work.


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