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'Mall Santa Musical': Improv Everywhere Takes Their Antics Holiday Shopping (VIDEO)

First Posted: 11/29/11 03:39 PM ET Updated: 12/03/11 02:59 PM ET

It's safe to say that holiday shopping season is officially in full swing now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, which means that your local mall probably has a Santa hanging around somewhere for you to take photos with.

Since the idea of walking through a Macy's while hoards of people mill about might stress some people out, Improv Everywhere decided to bring some holiday cheer to a mall in New Jersey to get everyone in the right mindset.

Their plan? A spontaneous mall Santa musical.

At first there are just a couple of singers, but it becomes clear that more of the shoppers are in on the song than you'd originally think. It's sort of like a flash mob of Christmas cheer.

For more backstory, check out the Improv Everywhere blog.

Via Laughing Squid


Filed by Christine Friar  |