New Zealand Mom Sentenced After Lesbian STD Lies To Admit Daughter To School (VIDEO)

11/29/2011 05:39 pm ET

A mother from Queenstown, New Zealand has been slammed with 300 hours of community work, a $500 fine for emotional harm reparation and two years under intensive supervision while attending mental health programs and counseling, The Southland Times reports. The punishments come after she lied to school admissions officials about her daughter's rival for admission.

The woman, whose name is being withheld to protect her daughter's identity, pretended to be a nurse as she called two schools, St. Hilda's Collegiate School and Columbia College, where sent in admissions applications for her daughter.

She then told officials that another teenager who applied to the schools is both lesbian and has a sexually transmitted disease that needs treatment, the Otago Daily Times reported.

After both schools called the hospitals the mother claimed to work for, they realized that all her claims were false, the New Zealand Herald reported.

In the sentencing, Judge Raoul Neave told the 53-year-old housecleaner that the lies were "deliberate attempts to manipulate the schools" for her daughter's benefit, according the Mountain Scene.

"You have done your level best to create a series of problems for somebody else," Neave said, according to the publication. "The effects on her will be long-lasting and I can only pray they won’t be permanent."

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