11/29/2011 04:17 pm ET

Sione Pouha Accuses Stevie Johnson Of Disrespecting 9/11 With Touchdown Celebration (VIDEO)

Last Sunday against the Jets, Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson accomplished a remarkable feat in football foolishness.

After scoring a touchdown to put Buffalo ahead with two minutes left in the second quarter, Johnson pulled off two celebrations that offended many people and received a needless 15-yard penalty all in a matter of roughly 10 seconds.

Johnson's initial celebration, in which he mimicked shooting himself in the leg, poked fun at Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who served prison time for weapons charges after he accidentally shot himself in the thigh three years ago.

But it was the second half of Johnson's celebration, in which he went to the ground while acting out a plane crash, that bothered Jets defensive lineman Sione Pouha.

"Us being from New York, we like to hold ourselves to some integrity, and that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger considering the circumstances of remembrance of what we just had on Sept. 11," Pouha told the New York Post. "It was just unprofessional. We all stand for pride around here, and that's a sacred moment for a lot of people and it's a very sobering moment."

On Sunday, Chris Chase of Shutdown Corner predicted that someone would make comments similar to Pouha's and was clear that he felt they would be misguided. "The plane crash was in poorer taste but let's not assign the celebration any greater meaning," Chase wrote. "Sometimes Jets players spread out their arms like a jet to celebrate. Johnson was mocking that, not victims of air disasters."

The celebrations cost the Bills 15-yards as a result of Johnson going to the ground while performing it.

On Monday, the wide receiver vowed to curb his antics after speaking with Bills coach Chan Gaily. "He was telling me I have to be smarter. I've got to be more aware of the situations and rules," Johnson conceded. "I'll listen to every word that he says. That's my coach."

Johnson's actions prompted Bob Costas to deliver an impassioned speech on "Sunday Night Football" in regards to the rise in elaborate touchdown celebrations. Costas opined "that train has already gone so far down the wrong track, there's probably no turning back. So our suggestion here is a more modest one. Hey, knuckleheads, is it too much to ask that you confine your buffoonery to situations that don't directly damage your team?"

For all the routines that Johnson performed after scoring it was the Jets who may have had the last laugh. Johnson failed to come through down the stretch, notably dropping a pass late in the fourth quarter that would have put the Bills very close to the end zone. "He didn't make the catches," Pouha told the New York Post. "Your number gets called and opportunities come your way and he didn't make the catch. He didn't get the win."