11/30/2011 11:19 am ET

Donovan Slack Hired By Politico, Mike Allen To Have Awkward Moment As A Result

Here's a fun story with a happy ending. Donovan Slack is an eight-year veteran of the Boston Globe who, during that time, moved from covering City Hall to the White House. Two months ago, she published a story for the Globe detailing the way an aide to Mitt Romney named Spencer Zwick had used Romney's political connections for personal enrichment. The morning her story ran, Politico's Mike Allen -- probably playing Gunga Din for one of his "hott" political contacts -- took a cheap shot at her in his Playbook, characterizing Slack as a "young reporter" without seasoning. Given the quality of her story and her career trajectory, the critique didn't make sense. And Allen's bosses at Politico clearly thought so as well, because yesterday, she was announced as their new hire; she will cover the White House with Byron Tau.

Slack's got some dirt on her shoulder, could you brush it off for her, Mike Allen?

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