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Michele Bachmann Addresses Herman Cain Tweet

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Michele Bachmann's campaign is sorry for spreading a rumor about Herman Cain.

Tuesday evening, after Cain announced he is "reassessing" his candidacy, Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman Kent Sorenson tweeted that there were moving vans outside of Cain's Iowa office.

But the trucks were just delivering campaign signs, Cain's Iowa communications director Lisa Lockwood told CNN. Lockwood said that spirits in the office were "really good" and "people should not jump to conclusions."

Sorenson since deleted the tweet and accompanying photo of the trucks, but not before Tim Albrecht, an aide to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, took a screen grab of it:

Bachmann's Iowa campaign manager Eric Woolson told CNN that he was to blame for Sorenson's tweet.

It's "all my fault," he said. "Kent and I were standing outside the headquarters, and I thought he was asking me if he should take a picture of the moving trucks. He was joking around. What he said was, 'Should I take a picture of the moving trucks and tweet it?' And I didn't hear the 'and tweet it.' So he tweeted that out."

Earlier Tuesday, Cain told his staff that in light of his latest alleged sex scandal, he would decide in the next few days whether he will remain in the race.

"If a decision is made, different than we should plow ahead, you all will be the first to know,” he said. "Now with this latest one we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some peoples' minds as to whether or not they should support us going forward."
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