11/30/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Jan 30, 2012

New Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen Kissed a Dog On ESPN Magazine Cover

A trip to new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen's Twitter feed is like skipping through a forgotten part of a Wonka factory, so it makes sense that an ESPN magazine cover shot would be equally memorable.

Welcome to a world in which Fish skippers are tongue-kissing dogs in print, and thankfully it's not Jack McKeon (or the dog, for that matter, our very own Jeffrey Loria).

The insouciant Guillen, already a legend of wackiness, is captured gripping his adorable bulldog DH by the head and pulling him in for a very wet greeting, sporting eyes full of fire and a face full of stubble.

The shot graces ESPN's interview issue, but the joke's on the worldwide leader: the only interview with Ozzie about the Marlins we'll ever need is one that never really happened, but never does get old.