12/02/2011 04:02 pm ET

10 Young Celebs With Tattoos (Real And Fake!)

We're all for faux fur, cubic zirconia, hair extensions, and the occasional Louis Vuitton knockoff -- but fake tattoos? This celebrity trend is Hollywood's newest faux fashion fad. With many young celebs going under the needle for real tattoos, stars like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are taking the less permanent route by inking themselves -- with pens. Among the stars sporting real ink (and a lot of ink, in some cases!) are Miley Cyrus, Lea Michelle, and Lindsay Lohan. Kendall Jenner also had plans to get a tattoo for her Sweet 16, but backed out at the last minute because she didn't feel 100 percent ready.

And it's not just celebs -- earlier this month, a 17-year-old from Long Island ran into trouble with the police for illegally running a business tattooing younger teens out of her bedroom. Also this month, an Australian teen was arrested for illegally tattooing minors and running an unregistered business.

Are you into the celebrity tattoo trend? Would your parents ever let you get one? Sound off in the comments!

10 Teen Celebs With Tattoos