What Is The Best Way To End A Date? (Also Some Slighty Big News)

12/01/2011 11:12 am ET
  • Single-ish, Glamour

One of the problems with dating someone regularly is it can be difficult to tell when the date ends. It's much easier to tell when it starts: "Hello." Welcome to the date. But "Goodbye" is not so simple. Is it when the check comes? Is it when you get to your door, or hers? And if a sleepover is involved, what then? I ask you, when is a date officially over?

This topic, believe it or not, came to me through my New Year's resolution, which is to wake up earlier. This seems simple on the surface, but is actually loaded because waking up earlier involves starting work earlier and being more organized in general, which means going to bed earlier, which involves going out less, partying less, exercising more, etc.

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