12/01/2011 09:33 am ET

Jon Stewart Mocks Brian Williams' Fire Alarm Snafu, Gets Own On-Air Surprise (VIDEO)

Brian Williams proved his dedication to addressing the nation this week when he continued reading the news over a fire alarm in the NBC studios. This technical difficulty didn't go unnoticed by Jon Stewart, who was ready Wednesday night with some snarky commentary on the annoying but ultimately hilarious incident.

First of all, Stewart had a hard time understanding why Williams -- once a volunteer fireman -- would set the example that it's OK to do nothing when you hear an alarm:

"Fire alarm goes off in the studio and your message to the kids is, 'Stay on prompter?'"

Kidding aside, Stewart offered his kudos to BriWi for remaining calm and not missing a beat. But that didn't stop Mr. Williams himself from coming to Stewart's studio to prove just how difficult it is to stay on air when something unexpected happens.

Watch above (or here) to see what Williams had in store for the "funny man."