12/01/2011 09:05 am ET | Updated Dec 01, 2011

Julia Roberts Set To Produce And Possibly Star In 'Second Act'

While she's been busy playing a gold-digging Evil Queen, in her next project, Julia Roberts will be getting back to work.

The actress is slotted to produce and potentially star in "Second Act," a workplace comedy in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film centers on a woman who, after a lifetime of not having a job, is thrust into the workforce.

It's kind of like "Erin Brockovich" in reverse.

How 'bout this for a starting salary? 42. That's how many pairs of shoes I own, eight of them are vintage, two have never been worn!

Besides playful (and baseless) speculation, details on "Second Act" are scant; the project is in its early stages and does not yet have a writer or director on board.

Roberts recently played Tom Hanks' leading lady in "Larry Crowne."

What do you think of Roberts' new working-girl gig?

For more, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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