Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., 'America's Got Talent' Winner, Refuses To Sing Britney Spears

12/01/2011 06:06 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

"America's Got Talent" winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., went from living on the streets to winning one of the biggest talent competitions in the world -- and he's already making some strict rules when it comes to his career.

"Yes, in the past I was homeless," Murphy explained. "I lived in my car. I just struggled like everyone else out here, trying to provide for my family. A whole lotta people make promises. They promise everything, but everyone is out for their own."

Landau sings everything from Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones to The Temptations and Earth, Wind & Fire but his biggest fear was coming to New York and singing Frank Sinatra.

"My whole thing about doing this and coming to New York was about being able to sing Frank Sinatra and not getting booed," Murphy told me. "It's been kind of crazy. A lot of guys are like, 'Why are you singing that?' They want me to do hip-hop and rap and all of that. But I just think all music is good. I don't discriminate [against] any genres."

However, the one artist he won't sing? Ms. Britney Spears.

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