12/02/2011 04:16 pm ET

Arron Asham, John Erskine Fight: Capitals Player Tries To Avenge Jay Beagle's Injury (VIDEO)

Arron Asham of the Pittsburgh Penguins knew what was coming even before he played against the Capitals on Thursday night. "If they decide to send somebody out to fight me, so be it. What happens, happens. Not going to let it affect my game," he told the Washington Post.

The reason he was expecting a fight was due to his actions in October, when he fought Jay Beagle of the Capitals and proceeded to taunt the player by mimicking a sleeping motion after knocking him out. Beagle has still not played since the fight, and although Asham was apologetic, it seemed to be too little too late.

Five minutes into the first game the Penguins have played against the Capitals since the incident, Caps defender John Erskine dropped gloves with Asham to avenge his fallen teammate. The fight was nothing less than brutal with both players landing numerous haymakers on one another until Erskine eventually took Asham to the ice.

Even though the Capitals won this battle, they would ultimately lose the war, dropping the game by a score of 2-1.