Online Dating: How To Say Goodbye To A Boring Match

12/04/2011 07:28 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

You've been on a few dates and you think you met the man (or woman) of your dreams. The first meet was electric; the energy between you was sizzling. The second date was nice, too; you had plenty to talk about and the chemistry was obviously there. The third date you kissed a little, and that's when things began going downhill. Or maybe he or she said something that sent up a red flag of warning. Or you observed something about this person that seriously turned you off. A fourth date is not in the cards. How do you express this?

There are several ways to nicely tell someone you hope they will get lost, but if you're new to online dating, you may not know the etiquette. The following are tried and true ways to let the other person know you no longer want to see/hear from them that won't invoke tears or anger.