12/02/2011 09:15 am ET | Updated Feb 01, 2012

Piers Morgan, Herman Cain Attorney Lin Wood Have Heated Clash (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan and Herman Cain attorney Lin Wood got into several heated arguments on Morgan's Thursday show.

Wood has been granted the increasingly complex task of defending Cain from the allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity that have plagued the GOP presidential candidate, but Morgan became frustrated when Wood refused to answer many of his questions. Most of the focus of the conversation centered on Ginger White, the woman whose claim of a 13-year affair with Cain has rocked his campaign. Wood dodged questions about how much money Cain had paid White, what the text messages he sent her said, and so on.

When Wood tried to say that questions about Cain's payments to White were not relevant, Morgan lost patience.

"This is shockingly naive, Mr. Wood!" he exclaimed, as Wood tried to get a word in. "...The idea none of this is remotely relevant is preposterous. You know it's a relevant thing...I'm just trying to get some facts out of you. And the fact that you as his attorney know the answers but don't feel it's relevant to tell me the information is in itself a little strange."

"What I find naive is the failure on the part of members of the media to be asking the tough questions of the accuser," Wood shot back. "...Why don't you look at yourself, Piers, and the members of your media and recognize that you in fact and the media are participating in the deterioration of our political process?"