12/04/2011 10:45 am ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

There was no shortage of cute animals making the news this week.

A pair of pandas in China preparing to leave for Scotland got to enjoy some cake at their going away party.

Some pets may despise bath time, but this dog name Casper couldn't be happier getting his belly rubbed while he's soaking in the tub.

Check out our slideshow of the cutest pets of 2011. Many of these are hard to beat -- be sure to submit a picture of your own!

If cute animals aren't your thing, check out this picture of one of the creepiest creatures we've ever seen. The giant weta from New Zealand, which weighs about three times as much as a mouse, is the largest insect ever photographed.

It was announced this week that a ban on exotic animal ownership may be introduced in Ohio next year. The bill comes after the incident in Zanesville, October which left 48 exotic animals dead. Conservationists in South Africa welcomed funds from a Florida-based non-profit that hopes to stem the tide of rhino poaching.

Check out the best pictures of animals that made the news this week, and vote for your favorites.

Animal Photos Of The Week 12/4/11