12/04/2011 03:15 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2012

'New Girl' Cast Talks Zooey Deschanel And Behind-The-Scenes Nudity

We've heard all about how "adorkable" Zooey Deschanel is on her show "New Girl" but what about her equally endearing co-stars?

The Daily sat down with the boys of "New Girl," Max Greenfield (Schmidt), Jake Johnson (Nick) and Lamorne Morris (Winston) to dish on everything we wanted to know (and somethings that we didn't) about TV's quirkiest show. The boys were all given the same questions, which ranged from nudity to Twitter feeds.

And as you can imagine, the nudity ones were the most informative.

Johnson gave some insight into some backstage not-so-sexiness.

"There's this weird TV/movie underwear that they have you in, it's like clear skin. [Deschanel] saw way too much," he said. "When I'm in there, you see what my junk looks like. It's surprisingly hard," (watch your wording, fella!) he said, laughing, "because the whole crew could see."