12/04/2011 10:13 am ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

SNL's Herman Cain Explains Why He Suspended His Campaign (VIDEO)

While Herman Cain has suspended his campaign for president amidst continued allegations of sexual misconduct and embarrassing gaffes, we hope that doesn't mean the last of Kenan Thompson's appearances as Cain on SNL.

This week, Thompson appeared as the embattled pizza candidate on Weekend Update to explain his decision to leave the race. The defiant Cain began by describing the allegations against him as "nonsense," and "character assassination," but said it was his decision to leave the race.

Of course, like the real presidential hopeful, Thompson's Cain can't seem to make his own case without burying himself in the process. After first referring to the dreaded Libya as "Labibya," he went on to address alienated women voters, "...instead of bending for the media, why don't you bend for Herman Cain."

Too bad the real Cain doesn't always have Seth Meyers sitting next to him to cut the interview short.