Taylor Swift 'Ours': Her Top 5 Most Romantic Music Videos

12/04/2011 07:41 pm ET

We'll admit it: Taylor Swift's new music video for 'Ours' -- her fifth single off her multiplatinum-selling album 'Speak Now' -- might be our favorite yet. Starring Zach Gilford (of Friday Night Lights fame), it follows Taylor as a regular working girl at a very, very boring office job, daydreaming about the special moments her and her hunky boyfriend have shared. Of course, they have a surprise, misty-eyed reunion at the end. Aw, shucks.

Unsurprisingly, super romantic music videos seem to be a staple for Swift, and 'Ours' definitely reminds us of a few other swoon-worthy videos she's released from previous albums. Check out the below slideshow to watch 'Ours' and see our picks for Taylor's top 5 most romantic music videos ever.

Top 5 Most Romantic TSwift Music Vids
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