12/05/2011 03:39 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Hilary Rhoda Given Razor-Sharp Cheekbones By Numero Tokyo (PHOTOS, POLL)

We are big Hilary Rhoda fans here at HuffPost Style. For a model, Hilary's got an utterly natural look -- rosy cheeks, a real smile (that's not bent into a brooding frown all the time) and tons of freckles.

So we really can't stand when a magazine takes her lovely look and morphs her into a flattened, airbrushed model-bot. Numero Tokyo seems to have done just, putting Rhoda on its January/February 2012 cover.

Shot by Alexi Lubomirski but seemingly Photoshopped by an entire army, Hilary's got alabaster skin, a bony jawbone and cheekbones that could cut glass. All taut, tightened and sharpened, she looks worlds away from her real self.

We can understand the logic of making a model look "prettier" (although we don't condone it) -- but why would even the most deceptive art team want to make an already gorgeous model look worse? That we'll never understand.

Look at the photos below -- do you think the Photoshop is a bit heavy-handed or does Rhoda look like herself?