12/05/2011 03:03 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Keith Olbermann Goatee: 'Countdown' Host Tries New Beard Look (PHOTOS, POLL)

Breaking: Keith Olbermann has grown a goatee.

It always feels a tad startling when television personalities decide to ditch their razors. Who can forget Jon Stewart's short-lived goatee that he debuted in July 2010? Or, Glenn Beck's new look after he left Fox News in June 2011? Well, we certainly can't — especially since Beck has maintained his goatee for the past several months. Stewart, thankfully, has not.

Olbermann has made headlines for his style choices in the past. When Lawrence O'Donnell joined the MSNBC prime time lineup, Olbermann appeared on "The Last Word" in a shiny vest to welcome the new host. Olbermann also experimented with growing a beard between his posts at MSNBC and Current TV.

"Countdown" audience members have been able to track Olbermann's path to goatee since November 21. Olbermann showed slight signs of a five o'clock shadow just before the holiday weekend.

By the time he gave thanks and returned to "Countdown" on November 28, Olbermann was obviously growing a full on goatee.

Most recently on December 2, Olbermann trimmed his goatee but certainly maintained his new look.

Maybe he shaved over the weekend. Do you like Olbermann's goatee? Tell us in our poll below!