12/05/2011 11:38 am ET | Updated Feb 04, 2012

Saner And Sego, Mexican Street Artists, Paint A Mural At Wynwood Walls (VIDEO)

"I don't put eyes because I believe that we are all blind," said Mexican artist Saner. "When we look through the heart's eyes, we will feel the world and see what it really is."

So begins the latest episode of video chronicle 'Here Comes The Neighborhood', which takes a look at how Saner and fellow countryman Sego created their collaborative mural at Wynwood Walls in time for Art Basel Miami Beach. Not only was it the duo's first project at Wynwood's famous street art museum, it was Sego's first trip to the United States, period.

"Our work now is not only for us," said Sego. "The problems in trafficking, the violence, and other bad things do exist. But those aren't the only things that exist in Mexico."

"When I started doing graffiti, I did it for fun, I did it for myself," added Sano. "With time, I started to realize that you transmit a message and people see it constantly. What message are you transmitting? I think that is the power of art, and the power of public art."

Pleased to be exhibiting in time for Art Basel, Saner offered a view of Wynwood Walls that ought to punch in the gut any Miamian who's grown to take our most colorful outdoor gallery for granted.

"Wynwood is like a heaven for everyone," he said Spanish. "Maybe this is what we will all see the day we die. Hopefully the place will look like this: so many colors and different visions, finding more things than we have lived in this life."