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10 Election Things You Need To Know Today

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Want to know what's happening on the campaign trail? Who's up and who's down in the polls? Where you can meet the candidates in person? Here you go:

1. Newt Gingrich Emerges As Clear Front-Runner In Iowa

2. Fund-Raising Gains New Urgency For Gingrich Campaign

3. Gingrich, Jon Huntsman Prepare For Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate

4. Poll: Republicans, Conservative Independents View Gingrich, Romney As Only 'Acceptable' Candidates

5. Mitt Romney Will Pick Up Endorsement From Former Vice President Dan Quayle In Arizona

6. Romney Staff Spent Nearly $100,000 To Hide Records

7. In Race For Campaign Funds From Billionaires, Romney Outpaces Obama

8. In Kansas, President Obama Invites Teddy Roosevelt Comparisons

9. Rick Santorum Releases Print Ad In Iowa Newspapers

10. Herman Cain Describes Himself As 'Brokenhearted, But Not Broken'

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Obama Romney
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