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Al Sharpton Mocks Fox Business' Muppets Report (VIDEO)

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Al Sharpton went to town on Monday night, making fun of conservative critics for their latest target: children's movies that they say brainwash kids with liberal ideas.

Sharpton was referring to a recent Fox Business report where Eric Bolling alleged that the Muppets are anti-business. Conservative critics have also alleged that "Happy Feet 2," "Cars 2," and "Monsters and Aliens" discuss global warming, the oil industry and torture.

In a playful segment, Sharpton warned parents against letting their kids watch holiday classics as well. They included "It's A Wonderful Life" ("George Bailey helping people become homeowners -- it's anti-capitalist!"), "Trading Places" ("It's one big kiss to the 99%") and "Home Alone" ("Kevin doesn't work hard enough to protect his house from robbers!")

"My mother always told me desperate people will do desperate things," Sharpton concluded. "Next, they'll tell you to stop watching balanced and fair things like 'PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton.'"

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