Artist Draws Portrait of Father With 3.2 Million Dots (VIDEO)

12/06/2011 02:43 pm ET | Updated Feb 05, 2012

It is customary when looking at a piece of art to examine closely and observe the small details of creation. The weight and brevity of the brush strokes, the way the colors engage in delicate conversation are all fodder for closer inspection.

Yet, if you were to examine Miquel Endara's latest work with such attention to detail you may find yourself staring for quite a long time.

Endara created a portrait of his father's photocopied face by intricately placing 3.2 million dots around the paper. The artist used a variety of Micron pens to capture different diameters of dots in creating the portrait. How he was able to count each specific dot is beyond us.

The project took a total of 210 hours to complete. You can view a video of the painstaking process below and be sure to view a high-res image of the portrait on Endara's website here.

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