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Holiday Party Themes: Creative Ideas For Unexpected Parties

Holiday Party Themes

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 12/06/11 11:07 AM ET Updated: 12/06/11 03:10 PM ET

Tis' the holiday season -- and the season of holiday parties. Partying with your office mates or your family members may not quite be your bag, but getting into the holiday spirit with your friends is a great way to skip the awkward small talk and celebrate the changing seasons without losing your mind.

And the great thing about throwing your own holiday party is that you get to choose the guest list, the food and the theme (as well as how much effort you want to put into the thing in the first place). As HuffPost's Jessica Pearce Rotondi puts it: "It's your party and you'll invite who you want to."

To give you a little bit of inspiration for your soiree, we've put together a list of 8 fantastic holiday party themes and ranked them in terms of effort and funds required. So, ready your Paperless Post creative skills and prepare to e-vite away.

High-Concept Gingerbread House Party
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Since your design skills have probably increased since your under-10 years, take gingerbread house (or apartment) making to a whole level. Put all of the extra leaves into your dining room table -- or just spread a throw-away table cloth out on the floor -- and have each of your guests bring a different candy item. As the host, you can supply the frosting (the mortar) and the graham crackers -- or gingerbread, if you're feeling ambitious. Then experiment with forms you never tackled in fourth grade -- bungalow, ranch house, urban loft. Bonus points to anyone who constructs a gingerbread replica of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Effort: Moderate. You'll definitely have a decent amount of clean-up from this party, and if you decide to make gingerbread from scratch that takes some serious time.
Cost: Moderate. If you keep your party small, you'll have less to buy.