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The Occupy Wall Street Film Series By Rooftop

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The New York Times drew our attention yesterday to a press release from New York-based nonprofit Rooftop Films, announcing a three-day film series showcasing the issues that sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here's how program director Dan Nuxoll explained the decision:

"As the situation in Zuccotti Park unfolded the last few months, Rooftop Films received countless e-mails and phone calls from filmmakers, activists and organizations who felt that it was important to put together screenings of films that focus on the issues that instigated the protests...We were never able to do a screening in the park, unfortunately, but we believe strongly that the discussion must continue, and we think these screenings can help sustain that conversation."

The festival is scheduled for Dec. 13-16, and so far includes only documentaries: one on climate activists in Britain, another on Brooklyn's contentious Atlantic Yards project, and a third exploring the causes of the financial crisis. In the organic spirit of Zucotti, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Head over to the Times or Rooftop for additional details.

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