Oscar Mayer Brunchables, Like Lunchables But More Obnoxious (VIDEO)

12/06/2011 01:12 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

College Humor's new video does a pretty great job of poking fun at urban brunch culture, Brooklyn's specifically. Don't worry if your mom forgot to make you brunch because she's at kickball -- Oscar Mayer's Brooklyn headquarters has developed "Brunchables." The blog Foodiggity explains the concept pretty ingeniously, "Unlike Lunchables, with their rubber deli meats and stale crackers, Brunchables are packed with a cuisine fit for the most pretentious of prepubescents."

Meals include choices such as eggs benedict with fresh radicchio, kale, couscous, salsa verde and a mimosa pouch, or homemade sorghum granola muesli, organic milk, locally grown elderberries and a mini cerveza. There's a game piece at the bottom of each Brunchable for a chance to win bottomless Bloody Marys.

Make sure to pick up a Brunchable today -- it's a "tiny little container that takes three hours to eat."


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