Shit Girls Say Gets The Lingo Right -- But What About The Idea Itself?

12/06/2011 11:42 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

You hear it every day. On the subway, in the elevator, on the sidewalk: girls making completely inane statements that are worthy of an eye roll. Until you find yourself saying the exact same thing three hours later.

It's not the most flattering portrait of women's language skills, but the Twitter account @shitgirlssay is pretty darn accurate. Hang around ladies for long enough, and you know you'll hear one of these quips slip out -- we sure recognized ourselves in more than a few. Posting hundreds of innocuous statements alongside more than a few Kim Kardashian retweets, Shit Girls Say had us furiously IM'ing our favourites to each other as soon as we discovered it.

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