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Denver Police Texts: DPD Cops Text About #OccupyDenver, Call Protesters 'Pathetic' (PHOTOS)

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Ever wonder what Denver Police really think of the Occupy Denver protesters? Well, we can now know exactly that -- the Denver Police Department have just released a series of text messages, internal car-to-car communications, between officers involved in policing the protesters.

The message release comes with a caveat from DPD:

Unfortunately, a few communications between individual officers through a car-to-car text system have not met the standard of professionalism expected by the Denver Police Department and the citizens of Denver in regards to the Occupy Denver protests. We recognize this and have already taken steps to address the behavior and to remind all officers of our expectations. The Denver Police Department regrets the tenor and tone of some of these texts.

In a desire to be transparent to the people we serve, all of the relevant text messages regarding Occupy Denver are attached.

It is important to note that while not a defense for inappropriate behavior, many Denver Police Officers have now endured months of having to leave their families to come into work early, giving up their days off, and silently tolerating hours of taunting and abusive actions by some protestors.

It is common for employees in any line of work to vent their frustrations to co-workers. But more important, is the fact that the actions of the Denver Police Department and its Officers have reflected the City’s commitment to protect free speech. These are the words of a very few officers over a thirteen week period.

Notwithstanding these text messages, the Denver Police Department continues to respect and will defend the Constitutional right to peacefully protest.

Check out a selection of some of the more colorful texts below. Or read the entire release below the slideshow:

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