12/07/2011 04:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 08, 2011

'I Wanna Have Your Baby': Mike O'Brien Is The Creepiest Doctor Ever (VIDEO)

When you're Dolores Santangeli, surrogate mother for hire, you don't have the means, time or care to go to a reputable doctor. As we see in this week's episode of the new Lorne Michaels-backed web series, "I Wanna Have Your Baby," any backdoor clinic with a turkey baster will do.

Similar to the first three episodes released last week, this fourth installment features one of Christine Nangle's fellow SNLers, writer and "7 Minutes In Heaven" host Mike O'Brien as Santangeli's new doctor.

Oh, did we say doctor? We meant murderer. Definitely murderer. Watch the episode above to find out why.

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