12/07/2011 08:12 pm ET | Updated Feb 06, 2012

'The Iron Lady' Trailer: Meryl Streep Stars As Margaret Thatcher (VIDEO)

She's a prominent American liberal, playing one history's most prominent British conservatives. It may sound unlikely, but when Meryl Streep is involved, anything is possible.

Streep plays -- or, more accurately, just is -- former Great Britain Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming film, "The Iron Lady." A wide-ranging biopic of the Isles' most polarizing leader in the last forty years, the film sees Streep summon all of her talents into bringing to life the political and personal turbulence that has made Thatcher, who was PM from 1978-1990, a subject of intense interest even to this day.

From domestic strife to controversial war, and the sacrifices they asked of her home life, it's all included in the film that the two time Oscar-winner hopes will deliver her a third gold Academy trophy.