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Chris Paul Trade To Lakers Dead: Lamar Odom's Kardashian Future At Play

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When the proposed trade of Chris Paul to Los Angeles crashed and burned on Thursday night, it also stopped a whole host of potential reality show changes.

Khloe Karashian's husband, Lamar Odom, a forward for the LA Lakers, was part of a proposed trade that would have landed New Orleans Hornets' point guard Chris Paul in Hollywood; Odom would have been sent to New Orleans. Had the trade gone through, it would have meant a fundamental change for the family's E! Network TV franchise.

Odom, whose in-season base would have been in Louisiana, would obviously have gotten less face time in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the family's flagship show on the cable network. It also would have ended -- or at least entirely changed -- the couple's spinoff show, "Khloe and Lamar," which has been renewed for another season.

Instead of having the show take place at their home in Los Angeles, it could have taken place in New Orleans, or been some sort of travel series -- Khloe visiting Lamar in New Orleans and joining on road trips. After all, earlier in the night, Khloe tweeted, "Not at all! I would go anywhere with my hubby!" in response to a fan's tweet suggesting that she must have been scared about Odom going to New Orleans.

She then wrote, "I can survive anywhere... People are acting cray! LOL New Orleans is a great place. As long as I'm with Lam I'm good #bible."

Still, while the move to New Orleans may not have gone down, it doesn't seem like Odom is quite happy playing in LA; earlier Thursday, he tweeted, "When a team trades u and it doesn't go down? Now what?"

Indeed, now what is the question -- both for the Odom's career, as well as the Kardashians' TV empire.

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