12/08/2011 08:55 pm ET | Updated Dec 08, 2011

Food And Wine '50 Best Bars In America': San Francisco Cleans House (PHOTOS)

As Anthony Bourdain said, San Francisco is a "two-fisted drinking town." And now the rest of the nation knows it, too.

This month, Food and Wine released its prestigious feature "50 Best Bars in America." And San Francisco bars made the list a whopping six times.

That's over ten percent. Or, as the Tuscon Weekly bitterly remarked, "It would appear that San Francisco is essentially the only place in America worth drinking." Noted.

A few of our staff favorites were absent from the list (15 Romolo? Bourbon and Branch?) as was anywhere in Oakland or Berkeley, as SFist mentioned. But our mouths are watering over the six that were included. To quote Bourdain again, "Anyone who doesn't have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me." To us, too, Tony.

Check out the local winners in Food and Wine's "50 Best Bars in America":