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Sir Richard's Condom Company Launches Buy-One, Donate-One Service


The Huffington Post   First Posted: 12/07/11 07:01 PM ET Updated: 12/08/11 12:26 PM ET

Looking after your sexual health and helping others at the same time has never been so easy.

Sir Richard's Condom Company this week launched an online subscription service that discreetly delivers condoms to your doorstep, allowing you to skip those awkward moments at the drugstore. What's more, for each condom purchased, the company will donate another to a country in the developing world.

The company calculates how many boxes you'll need based on how often you get lucky . If your action fluctuates, you can adjust your order online as you go. Or, you can always just buy one box without subscribing.

Built on the notion that "business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community," the company aims to prevent sexually transmitted diseases by addressing what it refers to as the world's condom shortage.

"We're excited about our new subscription service as this idea came from our supporters," said Jim Moscou, CEO of Sir Richard's in a press statement. "What we heard was a desire to simplify access to safer sex, while being private and convenient and letting our customers focus on what’s really important."

The company is rolling out the service on the heels of World AIDS Day.

According to the FDA, some two-thirds of Americans living with AIDS contracted the disease through sexual intercourse.

Currently, condoms are used by fewer than 5 percent of couples in the majority of the developing world, according to U.N. estimates.