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HuffPost Women Pottery Barn Holiday Entertaining Giveaway: We Have A Winner!

Thank you to all who entered our Pottery Barn Holiday Entertaining Essentials Giveaway. We loved hearing about your most memorable holiday gatherings, from your first Thanksgivings in new homes or with new family members and friends to your best times with loved ones who are no longer there to celebrate with you.

Choosing a favorite was incredibly difficult, but we're happy to announce that our winner is commenter Krobbins85. Here's her winning entry:

My most memorable holiday memory would have to be this:

I am adopted. At age 16 my mom gave me the phone number of a woman who knew the identity of my birth mom. Until I had my own daughter at 25, I didn't feel the need or desire to contact her. But something about having a child made me want to reach out and I did. My adopted mom was very supportive. It took years to establish trust and a close relationship. One Thanksgiving, I invited her and her husband to join us. All of us felt some fear at the thought of sitting down together. Holidays are can be a powder keg of memories and expectation.

After dinner, the men and children left the table and I sat there with my two mothers, talking, sharing stories and feelings. My birth mom told the story of her labor and delivery: how scared and alone she felt at age 15, being scolded by disapproving nurses. She said "They wouldn't let me hold you, but I could see you through a glass window. I could see your blue eyes and blond hair and I held that memory with me through the years, until we met and I could finally hug you."

We all sat there, tearful and grateful. I am profoundly grateful for an adopted mom who showed courage and unconditional love, to be present at that moment; and a birth mother who carried the memory of me.

Krobbins85, thank you so much for your story, and please email your full name and mailing address to women@huffingtonpost.com so we can send you your prize from Pottery Barn!

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