12/09/2011 03:41 pm ET

Artist Launches Largest Daytime Fireworks Display In Qatar (VIDEO)

As the fastest growing economy in the world with a GDP per capita of around $101,000, Qatar has a lot of money lying around. So much money in fact that the Qatar Museum Authority has fronted the bill for the largest fireworks display in history -- during the daytime.

Wouldn't the fireworks disappear in the bright, blue sky? Not if the world's foremost "gunpowder" artist and the first family of fireworks have anything to say about it.

Cai Guo-Qiang, the artist that dazzled international audiences with his fireworks display at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has collaborated with the Grucci family, who put on the 4th of July fireworks in NYC, to create the stunning display.

Cai is currently in Doha for his new large-scale show, "Saraab," which translates to "mirage" in Arabic.

In addition to more traditional fireworks, Cai used anti-missile flares and different shells to create the explosively colorful sequence. Despite the fact that the show takes place during the day, the bursts of colorful smoke punctuate the landscape and signal a culture of art appreciation that is on the rise.