12/09/2011 05:02 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Creative Gingerbread Houses Showcase Los Angeles Architecture (VIDEO)

Architecture in Los Angeles is one of this city's most beloved and unique qualities -- so why do we constantly try to make our gingerbread houses look like cookie-cutter property? (Sorry, we couldn't resist).

Well, two local artisans have taken the holiday past time of designing a Gingerbread House to another level.

Scout Regalia, the self-proclaimed multitasking design practice in Echo Park has created the SR Gingerbread Geodesic Dome -- and they've even made a video to see how it was done, which we've posted above.

Image courtesy of Scout Regalia's Facebook

We also have something from the baking legends at SusieCakes Bakery -- a California Bungalow that has us craving a Beach Boys Christmas. Now we're hoping that Santa will bring us a surfboard.

Image courtesy of SusieCakes' Facebook

SusieCakes' founder and owner, Susan Sarich told the Los Angeles Times that, "It still does not feel right to me to see cold-weather Christmas things. This house is kind of the culmination of my wanting to do something traditional and putting the California spin on it."

Well Susan, it looks like you and Scout Regalia have accomplished just that. Here's to a very Merry and sunny California holiday season!