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7 December Superfoods

December Superfoods

The Huffington Post   Catherine Pearson First Posted: 12/09/11 08:35 AM ET Updated: 12/13/11 09:23 AM ET

With winter officially here, a new batch of superfoods is just now coming into season -- maybe a little bit heartier, but every bit as nutritious, as those warmer weather offerings.

And as luck would have it, many of these December superfoods work perfectly in soothing, perfect-for-chilly-winter-day recipes. Think the food equivalent of a warm blanket and a crackling fire ...

For a list of seven, expert-recommended superfoods you should try out this month (between all the eggnog or chocolate gelt, that is) read on.

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Why we love them:

"With mushrooms, you get a lot of favor with very few calories," said Roberta Duyff, a registered dietitian and author of the "American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide." She added that mushrooms are rich in phytochemicals and potassium, which are often lacking in people's diets.

How to enjoy them:

To start, Duyff said people should consider varieties beyond just the white, button mushroom -- like crimini, shiitake and portobello, to name a few. She recommended working them into soups or stews to help give them a rich, earthy flavor, adding them to rice, or even putting them as a topping on homemade or frozen pizzas.