12/09/2011 03:51 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

Detroit Public Schools Moving Into Fisher Building, Saving $1.8 Million Annually

Detroit Public Schools are on the move and looking to save cash. By moving into different offices, the district will lose 98,400 sq. feet but save $1.8 million annually.

Leased offices in four different locations will be vacated as 617 staff members move into existing office space in the Fisher Building, the Support Services Complex, Fleming School Building, Harris Building and Douglass Academy for Young Men.

DPS Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts said in a statement that the new space allotments better reflect the needs of the office staff, which has reduced over the years.

"Just as importantly, this allows for better communication and work flow among departments, many of whom either never saw each other or spent time moving across several buildings,” Roberts said.

Roberts announced last month that the DPS deficit had been reduced to $89 million.

In 2009, former Emergency Manager Robert Bobb ordered an investigation into real estate deals in which DPS overpaid by millions of dollars. One such was deal was leasing five floors in the Fisher building for $24.1 million from the Farbman Group of Southfield, who bought the entire building a year earlier for $21.7 million, according to MLive.

A real estate report from the DPS Office of Inspector General filed in October stated that the DPS-Farbman deal was "grossly overpriced."

One of the Parent Resource Centers, currently located in the DPS Welcome Center, will be moving soon as well, to a school-based site. Phone numbers for all offices will remain the same.

DPS will incur an estimated one-time fee of $1.3 million for the move, which started in late November and will continue through Jan. 31.