Herman Cain Suggests He'll Take Further Legal Action Against His Accusers

12/09/2011 10:54 am ET

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on Fox News Thursday and hinted that he would be busy with both personal and political business over the next few months.

Asked by Fox News' Sean Hannity if he was considering taking further legal action on the women who have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment -- claims that he continues to deny fully -- Cain suggested that he was looking into it.

"Without compromising anything my attorney and I are working on, we are not done proving or demonstrating -- there will be more," Cain, who ended his presidential campaign earlier this month citing the damage done by the allegedly false charges, said.

Cain then spoke about what his decision to "suspend" his campaign actually meant.

"It means end, there are no plans to re-emerge," Cain said, later clarifying that the move didn't mean he was going to disappear completely. "I am now going to change Washington, D.C. from the outside, with the backing of the American people."

He also gave some hope to everyone who has missed hearing his voice this week, teasing a potential return to broadcasting.

"Well, obviously the doors to radio or TV, those doors are open," the former Atlanta talk radio host said. "What I'm doing over the next several days is considering all of these options."

While Cain is no longer in the race, The Huffington Post's Paul Blumenthal reported this week that he could still have a large impact going forward:

Cain indicated his intention to play a role as a political figure in the future and announced the launch of TheCainSolutions.com during his suspension announcement. The most likely route to do this would be through converting his presidential campaign into a PAC. Cain could continue to pay for buses, consultants, websites, travel and lodging expenses through a PAC. He could also make contributions and independent expenditures to support like-minded candidates for office. There are also few restrictions on continued fundraising by Cain's campaign, particularly if he converts it into a connected PAC.

The Cain campaign had strong fundraising numbers in October and throughout November, so he will likely have plenty of cash to spend on whatever cause he chooses.


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