12/09/2011 05:09 pm ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

'VICE' Occupy Wall Street Photo Shoot Poses Male Models In Ritzy Menswear (PHOTOS)

Here's a photo shoot that perhaps 100% of us can appreciate.

VICE media sent a bunch of male models down to Zuccotti Park, the former homebase in downtown Manhattan for the iconic Occupy Wall Street protesters, to pose in menswear as really stylish one-percenters.

As part of the shoot's "American Psycho" theme, the handsome gents donned fancy leather loafers and Vivienne Westwood suits -- in order to resemble bankers, of the sort OWS is protesting -- and posed in front of tents and cop cars, both of which packed the park everyday at the time of the shoot.

And the sartorial choices only comprised part of the irony; VICE gave the models props to really hammer the message home. One model spoons up caviar in his Dior Homme shirt and Ben Sherman tie. Another pounds on one of the movement's famous bongo drums with the sleeves of his chi-chi sportcoat rolled up.

Since Mayor Bloomberg's sudden, controversial eviction of the protestors from the park on Nov. 15, many have abandoned Zuccotti for nearby offices. We're glad VICE made it in time to shoot these wry, sure-to-be-controversial pictures.

Check out some of the photos from the just-released VICE shoot below, and see the whole gallery at the magazine's website.