White House Hanukkah 2011: Michelle Obama Shines! (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

12/09/2011 08:20 am ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

Ooooh, shiny!

Michelle Obama took the Hanukkah theme quite seriously last night with Jewish-friendly blue and Holiday of Lights-friendly sheen. She, the president and the Bidens greeted 550 guests in the White House to celebrate the Jewish holiday -- albeit a few days early.

“We're jumping the gun just a little bit," President Obama joked to the crowd, which included Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and ambassador to Israel Michael Oren.

"The way I see it, we're just extending the holiday spirit. We're stretching it out. But we do have to be careful that your kids don't start thinking Hanukkah lasts 20 nights instead of eight. That will cause some problems..."

Although the holiday starts on December 20, Michelle and Jill already had their festive fashions ready. SLOTUS (that's Mrs. Biden) wore a billowy black number that echoed Michelle's Christmas decorating outfit a few weeks ago: solid black dress and detailed white collar with a hint of sparkle.

Michelle, on the other hand, went full-on festive. Her sleeveless cobalt dress glowed like the menorah lit on the dais (with candles for all eight nights already, but who was really noticing) and around her collar hung layered strands of blue Erickson Beamon pearls.

The men also decided to go blue for the Jewish holiday, each wearing an azure tie. (Alas Bo was absent, as his black-and-white appearance would have truly ruined the theme.)

For a bunch that doesn't actually celebrate Hanukkah, the First and Second families sure know how to get in the holiday spirit! With all the blue (which somewhere along the line became associated with Jews, although we're not sure when or why), we do wonder: are they all trying a little too hard to dress the part or is the united color scheme a nice touch?

Check out the Hanukkah ensembles below in both photos and a video!

White House Hanukkah 2011

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