12/10/2011 01:54 pm ET

Most Bench Presses Of A Live Dog In 30 Seconds: New World Record (VIDEO)

The people over at RecordSetter World Records don't care if the record you're setting is silly or not -- in fact, the sillier the better. That's what makes them fun to watch.

A local Fox affiliate in San Diego caught one of the site's siller records being set in November: most bench presses of a live dog in 30 seconds, set by John Van Zant who did it 36 times (side note: we sure hope there isn't a category for non-live dogs!).

With RecordSetter Council president Dan Rollman and senior official Corey Henderson presiding over the feat with their yellow blazers and stopwatch, Van Zant and his little pooch set the record. The funniest part? Obviously the dog's face during what has to be the most confusing 30 seconds of his life.


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