12/11/2011 03:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 11, 2011

Jennifer Granholm, Al Gore Weigh In On Mitt Romney's Debate Performance (VIDEO)

Current TV's Cenk Uygur moderated a round table discussion of post-debate analysis Saturday night following the GOP debate in Iowa. Current TV chairman and former Vice President Al Gore, and Current TV host and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm discussed Romney's lack of tough responses to criticisms lodged at him during the debate.

Granholm described Romney as "constitutionally incapable" of hitting back hard to criticisms from his fellow Republican candidates. Vice President Gore differed from Granholm, and said that Romney was exercising caution and probably made a conscious decision to not "go on the offensive."

"When somebody goes negative in one of these debates their own numbers drop," Gore said. "He's learned from the campaign thus far, that when one of these not-Mitt Romeny candidates surge, after a while, they're vetted, and they fade."

When Uygur asked Gore what he thought of Romney's approach, Gore said he wondered if "Gingrich will suffer the same fate as the other challengers to Romney have." He commented on Gingrich's surge to the top of the polls and said, "I see in the news media, particularly in the mainstream media, that a lot of the media organizations appear to be gearing up to really focus on Gingrich."