12/11/2011 07:45 am ET | Updated Feb 10, 2012

Rafael Nadal Pranks David Ferrer With Shaving Foam (VIDEO)

Sure he was busy helping Spain beat Argentina in the Davis Cup this week, but tennis ace Rafael Nadal also found time to pull a prank on teammate, David Ferrer.

Ahead of the final against Argentina, Nadal found a relaxed Ferrer lying on a massage table in their dressing room -- and for the Spanish prankster that was apparently too good an opportunity to miss.

As a video uploaded to his official YouTube channel shows, a sneaky Nadal crept over to the sleepy Ferrer and proceeded to spray shaving foam into his palm.

He then rubbed his teammate's nose, causing him to raise his foam-filled hand to his face, presumably in the hope it would splatter custard pie style.

While that didn't quite happen, the effect was good enough that the pair were left laughing and it must have worked as a relaxation technique as Spain went on to win.

But best of all, unlike this clip of a 'prank-pulling' Fedderer, it doesn't appear to be a viral marketing ploy from the butt-grabbing tennis ace.