12/12/2011 05:37 pm ET | Updated Feb 11, 2012

Harvard Students Write Crowd Sourced Relationship Primer

Ever wanted to know what romantic advice Harvard students had to give each other?

We didn't either!

However, now we do know. A google doc that reportedly from a Harvard student psych class (Jezebel speculates, the Psychology of Close Relationships) has been burning up internet. The document, entitled "The How To Guide for (Romantic) Relationships at Harvard", seems to have been edited by several Harvard students at once and is a distillation of all the romantic advice they have to give.

Some choice selections:

Do cute, small things to surprise them; small fires are a good place to start.


1. Go on dates...dhall meals do not count.<<<<<<< yes they do... no they don't. you should pay for a date and not have your friends possibly drop in on your date! 1. we're not bankers yet


Remember the little things when they have finals/papers/etc. AND THE BIG THINGS. LIKE BIRTHDAYS. or what they might like but did not tell you (a theme you might see in their room, etc) ask favorite color! and animal?

Our favorite part was when a fake Drew Gilpin Faust (Harvard's president) guest edited the document.

Hi, this is President Drew Gilpin Faust. I hope you all are enjoying your evening.I am flattered you all find me attractive! This is part of a new capital campaign I have going, which I encourage you to take part in. I hope some of you are in the new I-lab right now, innovating. Making things (sexythangs). I think we can all agree that we should all occupy our minds here at Harvard. And that's what we do. Hopefully by 2020 we can get every Harvard student on this Google doc. That is my dream (a la Obama?_). If you would like to see me smile, then please go speak with our Allston neighbors. They really are rather friendly after a while! This is part of my social campaign. I hope by 2030 all Harvard students will have 3 friends outside their roommates. That is my dream.

College, my friends.