12/12/2011 03:07 pm ET

Kendall Jenner In 'Lovecat' Is So... Normal (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner is just your average teenage girl... if your average teenage girl gets a Range Rover for her birthday, gets paid $20,000 to attend Fashion's Night Out and discusses her period on national television.

Alas, living in the Kardashian household makes living a "normal" life nearly impossible. So we were actually pretty thrilled to see Kendall's photo shoot for Lovecat magazine, where the 16-year-old looks and acts... well, pretty normal.

The second-to-youngest Kardashian/Jenner sis poses for Lovecat's third issue in age-appropriate duds, including a leather jacket and a stretchy black tank. She even poses with cartoon animals, as if her photo shoot was invaded by the cast of "Enchanted" or an army of Lisa Frank characters.

But we have to say, Kendall looks like a lovely, healthy 16-year old girl -- and acts like one, too. The accompanying Q+A features blurbs like:

Hobbies: I love snowboarding, modeling, riding horses and going to the beach when it's hot out!!! Hahaha!

Favorite movie theater snack: Sour Patches!!!

Favorite perfume: Unbreakable by Khloe & Lamar... duhh!!!!

Biggest guilty pleasure: I LOVE Pretty Little Liars, I'm like obsessed!!!!

Oh, to be 16 again.

Kendall Jenner for Lovecat