12/13/2011 12:21 pm ET

Scotland Pandas Settle In (VIDEO)

Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrived in Scotland ten days ago, and boy are they adjusting well! Yesterday, the two giant pandas took a break from exploring their new home to pose for a photo-op.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang, or 'Sweetie' and 'Sunshine,' arrived on loan from China on December 3 in a specially fitted FedEx plane, appropriately dubbed the Panda Express. The 8-year-old duo will be the first pair of pandas to live in Britain in nearly two decades.

On Monday, Sweetie and Sunshine happily sniffed around in front of the cameras. "This is the second day they've been out and they're now just checking things out," zoo official Alison Maclean told the Associated Press. "It all went extremely nicely," MacLean added.

Yet according to the BBC, the two had quite different reactions to their new surroundings. In the past few days, Sunshine spent a lot of time in full view, while Sweetie has preferred to stay out of sight, the network reports.

The Edinburgh Zoo paid $935,000 to keep the pandas on loan for the next ten years. The agreement stipulates that both pandas, and any possible panda cubs, will eventually return to China.


Edinburgh Zoo Pandas